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Let me tell you a little about my back story. Like many people, I came to entrepreneurship late in the game.

I did pretty well in a normal 9-5, 2 weeks off each year, W-2 employed job. I had a CAREER, and I could have stayed in it. I was told to study hard and become a “fill-in-the-blank”, work hard, build a nest egg, retire and be happy.

Unfortunately, like a lot of people, I found that even though I could do that, it was killing me.  

Unfortunately, like a lot of people, I found that even though I could do that, it was killing me. I dreaded getting up in the morning and dragging myself into the office and doing the thing that was paying for everything I had.

I found that I was (mildly) depressed, and lacked energy, motivation, gusto, "joie de vivre".

I was constantly irritable, constantly sighing, constantly fatigued, constantly complaining.

I was one of the fortunate ones, though. I knew colleagues that had stress-induced rashes, heartburn, autoimmune diseases, medical limitations on how much work they could do. Many worked 60+ hours a week, running on that hamster wheel of “a career”.  I could see them trying to hang on, clawing in by their fingernails, until they could retire. And I saw some of them, bodies literally broken, accompanied out of the office because they were unfit to continue the job.

I hit my limit of self-inflicted abuse, and work-culture abuse and found myself leaving my career 

And being one of the fortunate ones, I hit my limit of self-inflicted abuse and work-culture abuse, and I found myself leaving my career a mere 14 years after starting that road. I felt confused and a bit ashamed, there was something in me that said I shouldn’t quit. But the vast majority of my heart/head/body knew I needed this. I needed to walk away. I was emotionally very broken, even though I never acknowledged it.

I spent a little over a year doing pretty much nothing. Being one of the fortunate ones, I actually had built a little nest egg, and was frugal enough that I could spend that year letting my heart heal, my body release the stress and the trauma of being in an work system that was abusive to the core.

These are things I never thought about while I was running, running, running, on my own little hamster wheel, chasing the elusive little carrot of this certification, that license, this promotion, that upgrade. I realized during my sabbatical that I had been sold a bag of poisonous apples, and I was grateful that I had my eyes opened before it was too late.

I have never wanted to be my own boss. 

I  have never wanted to be my own boss. I have never wanted to have my own business. I have never dreamed of a little empire of my own where I told everyone what to do.  I really have no panache for claiming that the buck stops with me.

But I do want to help people. And I have some good ideas. I like teaching people things. And frankly, I have to make money to eat.

Which brought me to a quandry – how do I make money and help people, and use the skills and gifts I have to make things better for other people?

And that led me to entrepreneurship – because now I see, as a result of working with my mentor, that entrepreneurship is taking the idea, the dream, that glimmer of hope in your heart/head, and birthing it into the world, then marketing it so that the goodness of what you birthed can help the most people possible. It takes guts, brains, tenacity, hard work, a lot of know-how, and good help to take a dream and actually make it real. Then it takes even more of all that to release your “baby” into the world and actually watch it benefit the lives of others.

It doesn’t matter what industry I worked in. You know lots of people, maybe even you, who work in industries or for bosses that take more than they give, abuse and threaten, manipulate and brainwash you into thinking that their way is the right way.

The one that gives the most, gets the most

So here I am, making a new life for myself, inviting you to come along on my journey. Watch me as I create a new way of living, following my mentors as they teach me that the one that gives the most, gets the most. Join me.  

 ~~ Kris