The Mysterious Woman

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I don’t know the real statistics, but I think most online marketers are men. The brand of one of my current mentors is Warlord Nation. To the majority of men – that’s a totally awesome name. To me, as a woman, I’m sorry to say, Warlord Nation is comically manly.

You know women think, speak and act differently than men, but why should you care as a businessman or a marketer? Isn’t it enough that you have to deal with all the women in your life, catering to their every whim, trying to read their minds, and stepping around eggshells?  (I’m only half kidding there.)

The reason every businessman needs to care about women: Women control $20 trillion in spending worldwide.
(Source: Muhtar Kent, Chairman of the Board and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company, October 2010)

Read that again – $20 trillion.  Women control 85% of consumer purchases.

Think about it: who buys the food? Who buys the clothes? Who decides which doctor to see? Who decides that you have to take some vitamins? Who decides that the kids have to see the dentist? Who say – I don’t like that color – and you have to pick a different car? Who says that you can visit the in-laws on the way back from vacation if you go to Tennessee?

And this is not just married women – there are more single women worldwide, and they have massive buying power.

91% of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them.

(Source: Yankelovich Monitor and Greenfield Online)

So when I say Warlord Nation is comically manly, I really mean it. I understand why a man would like the name – it empower your (male) customer to take life by the horns and declare independence over “destiny”, conquer lands and territories, lots of loot and probably some females along the way. It makes me envision some Atilla the Hun type guy, matted beard, unshowered, stinky, bruised but not broken, astride his equally battle-torn and stinky horse (or Hum-vee) – he surveys all he has conquered. But it’s something that doesn’t speak to women.

If you want your marketing to speak to the person that, more often than not, holds the purse strings directly or indirectly, make sure that you think about the woman that you probably never considered before.

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    • David Jones

      Well this post certainly has been mysterious, it’s an interesting read. But you left me hanging. Good job, now I’ll be sure to return for more. ha ha.

      Keep it up Kris

      • Kris Lee

        Thanks David! Watching K-drama teaches you the art of the cliff-hanger!

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